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Kodaline’s “All I Want”

Song Of The Day

Irish quartet Kodaline (formerly known as 21 Demands) is one of Ireland’s latest exports: a band that takes tear-jerking to a whole new level with their song “All I Want.”

With just a few EP’s and a full length album out, Kodaline is slowly getting inside the collective mind with All I Want being used for Google’s 2012: Year In Review video and during an episode of the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. This is one of those ideal heartbreaking anthems that come along every couple of years and sticks with you until there are just a few scares left from your last attempt of a love life.

The acoustic guitar, sad piano and chorused howls of pain with lyrics such as When you said your last goodbye I died a little bit inside or But If you loved me, why’d you leave me? make it almost impossible not to feel identified with this folk monster of a tune and make the tissue market more profitable in the process. Also, the structure of it could remind you a little of Coldplay’s Yellow and The Scientist gold era of tearful crowds singing along in a packed stadium.

Please: don’t listen to this while alone on a rainy day.

Written by:
Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer