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KMFDM’s “Kunst” (German for Art)

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KMFDM are back with the heavy pounding title track from their forthcoming album ‘KUNST’, to be released on February 26, 2013.  KUNST is the German word for “art” and is sure to be a fan favorite as lyrically it mostly contains previous song titles. KMFDM have never been ones to shy away from poking fun at themselves and with KUNST they have taken their most commonly used acronym, Kill Mother Fucking Depeche Mode, combined it with the song title lyrics and created a hard hitting anthem.

KMFDM has had many acronyms over the years but in reality it means Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, loosely translating to “no pity for the majority.”  So where does “Kill Mother F**king Depeche Mode” come from?  In 1993, for the release of the album “Angst”, TVT Records launched a contest amongst radio DJ’s as to what KMFDM stood for. From the 1400 entries, 1200 of them came from 2 DJ’s from Florida who not only won the contest but also created this song’s anthem, KILL MOTHER F**KING DEPECHE MODE!  Other favorites that were created are Klingons Marry Flighty Detroit Maidens, Keep Me From Doing Marijuana, Killing Madonna Frees Desperate Minds, Ketchup My Fries, Don’t Miss, and Kill Moshers For Doc Martens.

In March, following the release of the album, KMFDM will be embarking on a month long U.S. Tour hitting 22 cities in 23 days. For more information on the upcoming album and tour, visit

Written by Tim Lawler

OurVinyl | Contributor

KMFDM’s Kunst