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kmfdm kunst review

KMFDM “KUNST” – Album Review

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“KUNST”, which simply translates to “Art” in German, is also the title of KMFDM’s new album, which will be released on February 26th.  “29 years of conceptual continuity”, as spoken by Sascha in the title track, is a long time for any band to be spreading their music to the masses. This also marks KMFDM’s 18th studio album. That’s right, 29 years and 18 studio albums and KMFDM is still going strong.

kmfdm kunst reviewWithin the 10 tracks that “KUNST” is comprised of, are all the usual elements that KMFDM fans have come to know and love. Anarchy, pulse pounding beats, and self deprecating humor are all here creating the kind of musical mayhem that only KMFDM can provide.

Opening the album is the title track, and leave it to KMFDM to write a song in which the lyrics are almost entirely made up of previous song titles. Old school fans are sure to instantly connect with this track as song titles from past to present are belted out. “Kill Mother F**cking Depeche Mode” also rings through as the chorus, solidifying the track as a new anthem for old and new fans, as it has been a long standing favorite amongst the numerous meanings of KMFDM.

KMFDM’s “Kunst”

Never afraid to peel back the skin of society and expose its infections and shortcomings, we are given the hard edged tracks QUAKE, PSEUDOCIDE, and PUSSY RIOT.  The heavy and fast paces of QUAKE and PSEUDOCIDE combined with their anarchic statements have made songs like these, staples of all KMFDM albums. With PUSSY RIOT, KMFDM stand in support of the Russian punk band who was jailed for their public protests. Front–man Sascha K. states, “KMFDM has always been, particularly by means of our artworks, a propagator of female empowerment. I am a ‘fan’ of both Pussy Riot and FEMEN [the feminist Ukrainian protest group] insofar as these are young women who don’t just talk and complain but act and take things into their own hands and create worldwide awareness of their issues and be it – in the case of FEMEN, simply by calling attention to their actions by baring their tits in public. The felling of the cross was an epic statement in support of Pussy Riot.”

But KMFDM are not always so serious. In the most dance friendly track on the album, we are urged to let our ANIMAL OUT.  This track pops, oozes and bounces from beginning to end, as we are told to “Unleash your whore until the screams keep coming and they beg for more”. And beg for more we will!

kmfdm kunst reviewCollaborative efforts also seem to be a main staple of a KMFDM album. Contributing to NEXT BIG THING is William Wilson of Legion Within and on THE MESS YOU MADE is the Swedish band Morlocks. These tracks prove to be two of the most interesting on the album.  NEXT BIG THING marks the third KMFDM track that William Wilson has collaborated on and lent his vocals to, with the previous tracks being DAY OF LIGHT and SPECTRE.  The thing that makes these two tracks two of the most interesting on the album is that they are collaborative tracks. When you bring in outside musicians they tend to add different elements to the sound of a track that you aren’t used to hearing from that artist. KMFDM’s sound has become pretty consistent ever since they stopped with the revolving door of members. This is not a bad thing, because if it isn’t broke, why mess with it. The sound of KMFDM is solid and it is a sound that their fans love them for, but it is nice to hear something different from time to time and that is what these two tracks offer.

AVE MARIA, HELLO, and I NOT round out the tracks on the album, making “KUNST” another solid offering from KMFDM. In March, following the release of the album, KMFDM will be embarking on a month long U.S. Tour hitting 22 cities in 23 days.

Longtime collaborator and artist BRUTE! has also once again provided the stellar artwork for the album. As stated by BRUTE!, “In support of the FEMEN/Pussy Riot protestors, I created a suitably forceful chainsaw-wielding amazon for the front cover.” For more information on BRUTE!, visit

For more information on KMFDM and the upcoming tour, visit

Written By Tim Lawler