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Kitten Cut It Out

Kitten’s “Cut It Out” EP – A Review

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The up and coming Los Angeles based alt-rock band, Kitten has released their highly anticipated EP “Cut It Out”, a follow up to Chloe Chaidz Kittenthe 2010 “Sunday School” release. And to add to it, the EP serves as a precursor to their first full length debut album due out on Atlantic in January 2013.

The band, fronted by 17 year old Chloe Chaidez, has a sound that is an amazing throw back to the retro 80’s alternative music, blended with a new wave indie sound that makes their music absolutely infectious.

Starting off the EP is the hard hitting title track, “Cut It Out”, a bit reminiscent of retro sounds like Siouxsee and the Banshees or the Smiths with added elements of current bands like MGMT and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs. The track is an instantly infections sound with a perfect blend of electronic and instrumental harmonies and melodies all while showcasing Chaidez’s captivating voice.

Kitten’s Cut it Out

Kitten Cut It OutUp next on the EP is the track “Japanese Eyes”. With this track Chaidez’s influence from Siouxsee Sioux is very evident, but not in a bad copy cat sort of way, more in a perfect influence sort of fashion. The song is a synthetic wonderland of noise and rock and catchy lyrics that is an instantly danceable alternative classic.

The six song EP shows off a more refined and more polished side of the band as they get ready to release their debut full length in January. For more information on the release, log on to and you can also catch the band playing four live shows in their native Los Angeles before setting out on a mini tour through the end of October.

Written By Christina Lawler