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Kitten’s “Cut It Out” – Today’s Song of the Day

Song Of The Day

Today’s Song of the Day is, “Cut it Out”, the brand new track from up and coming Los Angles alt-rock band, Kitten.

The band, fronted by 17 year old Chloe Chaidez, has a sound that is an amazing throw back to the retro 80’s alternative music that blends in a catchy new wave indie sound, and the combination makes their music absolutely infectious.

From the song’s opening beats and main synthesizer line and Chaidez’s breathy vocals, it’s a hybrid of music that reminds the listeners of artists like Siouxsee and the Banshee’s, The Smiths and other 80’s Alt musicians that have heavily influenced the band.

“Cut it Out” is the lead single off of the band’s second EP, and the track is available for download on their website at  The full EP for “Cut it Out” is due out on August 28th, with the band’s debut full length album on the Atlantic Records label is scheduled to drop in January 2013.

Written by Christina Lawler

OurVinyl | Contributor