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Kidneythieves’ “The Invisible Plan”

Song Of The Day

the kidneytheivesSong: The Invisible Plan

Band: Kidneythieves

Album: The Invisible Plan EP

Today’s song of the day is the track “The Invisible Plan” from the Kidneythieves.  The song, a perfect blend of seductive vocals from lead singer Free Dominguez combined with utterly pulse pounding electronic rhythms.  But, listen more intently to the lyrics and you find an inspirational song about how Dominguez feels strongly about the power of self.  In fact, she even details how it was listening to The Roots that helped inspired the track itself in one of her blogs.

Hard to believe it’s been 14 years together, they’ve released three full length albums, three EP’s and numerous guest appearances on multiple projects and international tours, and there are no signs that the Kidneythieves have any plans of stopping anytime soon.  The latest EP, also call The Invisible Plan, is available now for order at, and according to reports, expect a full length project later this year from the band.

Written by Christina Lawler

OurVinyl Contributor