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Keller Williams’ Family Friendly Matinee @ San Francisco



Keller Williams played to a very special audience last weekend at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, CA. His Saturday afternoon matinee show was geared toward a room full of very enthusiastic children and their families, and had some fun surprises.

The show began with a long drum circle jam, led by the cool folks from Drummm, based in the Bay Area. Children and parents gathered around, sitting on the floor of the music hall drumming and chanting together, led by Jeni Swerdlow and friends. The drum circle was the perfect warm-up for the crowd, who were showered with confetti when Keller took the stage.

Keller performed his solo act, where he has a multitude of instruments hooked up to looping pedals and creates a one-man band effect. Moving from guitar, to bass, to keys and synthesized drums, he played an eclectic and family friendly set. There was even more confetti, and hundreds of balloons dropped from the ceiling toward the end of the show.

Keller’s timeless music and wide array of musical talents never disappoint, particularly in his solo performances. His fast and intricate guitar style is complemented by his skills as a composer and arranger, which he shows off as he hops from loop pedal to loop pedal. The show primarily featured songs from the 2010 “Kids” album, including “Grandma’s Feather Bed”, “Taking A Bath”, and ”Hula Hoop to Da Loop.” The set also included a wordless “Freaker by the Speaker,” saving any PG-13 tunes for the evening show.

The reason for a separate kid-friendly show? “The evening show will be more crazy, with more grooving, less of me talking, and more cuss words,” said Williams.

The kid-focused matinee shows allow Keller to maintain a connection with his older fans that have children now. “He makes a connection with the kids and then the parents have a new relationship with the artist,” says Williams’ business manager Cam Morin.

This is not the first “mini rock concert experience for toddlers” (as Marin descirbes) that Williams has hosted; Keller has performed about a dozen so far, but the San Francisco show will be one of the last.

Williams has two children, Cabell, 3, and Ella, 7 (who can be heard throughout the “Kids” album).

Photos by HomboldtHead Tony. Check out his YouTube Channel for video from the show!