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Kappah’s “Intro” (feat J.O. Rogers)

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Song: Intro

Artist: Kappah featuring J.O. Rogers

LP: Welcome Superstereo Stars

As you might be able to infer this song is the opener off of the LP “Welcome Superstereo Stars” from the Italian electronic due Kappah. The only thing unfortunate about this song is it’s brevity. It is a cleanly hard hitting industrial hip hop beat, with a slight dubstep “womp” aftertaste, over which J.O Rogers drops quite entertaining lyrics and a rhyme scheme that just frolics with the beat – yet is forceful – which the beat requires. The result is a raw song that will demand you to listen a couple times. It will perk you up like a cup of coffee. It’s not a look into the average sound of Kappah, but a taste of the skills they can offer.