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Just Jack Writers Block

Just Jack’s “Writer’s Block”

Song Of The Day

Oh man, it’s Monday again. The day when a good majority of the population collectively grunts upon waking and curses the responsibilities of work, school, or whatever. It’s not that big of a deal though, once you get some caffeine in your system and a good tune in your ears. Today’s song is Writer’s Block by the English rapper of sorts, Just Jack, and is found on his 2006 album “Overtones”.

In this song Jack tells us about writers block, mary jane, missing trains and other stuff. It’s not what he says, but the slick and catchy flow he uses when rapping that’s the best part of the song. He uses a very silky smooth way of rhyming, made all the better by the British accent. Plus the beat is a pleasant one with a quick rhythm but soft tones, with the occasional string and harp thrown in there ornament-style.

You don’t need something to blast your ears on a Monday, just something to get the feet and mind going.

Just Jack’s Writer’s Block