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jurassic 5 get it together

Jurassic 5’s “Get It Together”

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Like the rise and fall of a heavyweight champion prize fighter, Jurassic 5 formed in 1993, disbanded in 2007 and over the course of that 14 year run, dropped a myriad of hip-hop combos and knock-out blows that took us all to the canvass. Consisting of Charles Stewart (Chali 2na), Dante Givens (Akil), Courtenay Henderson (Zaakir), Marc Stuart (Mark 7even), and DJs Mark Potsic (DJ Nu-Mark) and Lucas Macfadden (Cut Chemist), the group left a singularly unique mark on hip-hop via 4 EPs and that new meets old school J5 sound. Here’s an utterly fantastic & classic track off of the 2006 release Feedback entitled “Get it Together”.


Written by Allen Byrne

OurVinyl | Contributor