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Back of the Rack: July 2013

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Hello and welcome back to another edition of Back of the Rack! Here you’ll find some of the best up-and-coming artists in the music biz, with a free download of the tracks featured to boot. Just sign up for the email list below, and each month we will send 10-12 fresh new tracks for you to throw on your computer, smartphone, CD, or mp3 player – all for free. As usual, we have a bit of something for everyone in this month’s issue. From rock, to indie, to folk, to funk, there’s plenty of summer jams here to keep you busy this July.

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Don’t forget to comment below on what you feel are the best tracks this month, or tweet us @OurVinyl with your thoughts on who you’d like to see more coverage of in the future. Let’s dive in.

filbertFilbert – “Breathe”
Stockton, New York
Genre: Indie, experimental, acoustic

Filbert sounds like an odd mishmash of Animal Collective and Andrew Jackson Jihad, a mix of experimental beats, back-up “ooooh yeah’s,” and  eclectic lyrics with references to Reservoir Dogs and the struggles of getting out of a hot shower. Somewhere mixed into the seemingly light heartedness is a deeper yearning, however, a struggle against something perhaps unknown, or too large to understand. “Breathe” is quirky yet moving, a difficult blend  executed with skill.

calonchoCaloncho – “Palmar”
Guadalajara, Mexico
Genre: pop, indie

For those of our listeners who aren’t fluent in Spanish, Caloncho proves that you don’t necessarily have to know what a music artist is saying to feel the emotion he wants to express. Enter “Palmar,” a beautifully simple beach number the exudes relaxation and peace. Caloncho cite Bob Marley, Sublime, Jack Johnson, and Vampire Weekend as strong influences, and the parallels can be heard easily in the track. Make sure to have “Palmar” on hand for the next time you’re lucky enough to be out on the beach for a sunset.

wheelchair sportsWheelchair Sports Camp – “A is for Anything”
Denver, Colorado
Genre: hip hop, jazz

Kayln, the main inspiration behind Wheelchair Sports Camp, isn’t trying to hide the fact that she’s disabled and wheelchair-bound, as evident in the group’s name. While Kayln produces most tracks and MC’s over the top of them, she’s helped by Gregg Ziemba who gives the track a breath of air by providing live drums, and by Joshua Trinidad, who provides some smooth trumpet playing. “A is for Anything” has a nice jazz groove, and the distorted vocals give it just a dash of weird – the catchy beat is sure to stick around in your eardrums for a while.

juliaJoanna Borromeo “Wide-Eyed and In Your Arms”
Genre: Soul, R&B

Joanna Borromeo (pronounced “Boro-MAY-o”) began her musical journey training as a classical pianist, but eventually found that jazz was a better instrument to display her love for musical improvisation. Borromeo paid her dues as a budding professional artist by freelancng her keyboarding skills, and performing back-up vocals for a number of bigger artists. In 2010, she released her first solo EP, “Through the Dark.” This year she dropped “Kaleidoscope,” with “Wide-Eyed and In Your Arms” a featured track – and while she still loves jazz, Borromeo includes heavy soul and R&B influences in the work as well.

gibson bullGibson Bull — “Skin and Bones”
London, England
Genre: indie, acoustic

London’s Gibson Bull has been gaining notoriety recently, especially for his single “Skin and Bones,” featured here. The solo artist crones over acoustic track about how little we know, and how little we can do, as humans, being “only skin and bones,” showcasing his strong vocal work and pushing feelings of pain, anguish, and hope with his skillful guitar work. Don’t miss out on this rising star, because if “Skin and Bones” is any sign, there’s plenty of good stuff to come.

ivanIvan & Alyosha – “Running for Cover”
Seattle, Washington
Genre: folk, pop

Seattle folk-pop band Ivan & Alyosha released their debut album “All The Times We Had” in February, the follow up to their 2011 EP “Fathers Be Kind”. “Running for Cover” is fresh off the new album, which was recorded at Avast! in Seattle. “All the Times We Had” is an emotional rollercoster of an album, with warm tones mixed with the band’s thoughts towards life on the road, their faith in their music, and the struggles of life in general. “Running for Cover” works as an introduction to the sounds of the album, which was co-produced by Chad Copelin and mixed by Jesse Lauter.

love junkThe Love Junkies – “Maybelene”
Gosnells, Australia
Genre: rock, grunge, punk

For those that have been waiting for something to crank loud and bang their head to, we’ve reached your destination. Check out “Maybelene,” the newest single from Australia’s The Love Junkies. While the group was officially founded in 2009, singer/songwriter Mitch McDonald and drummer Lewis Walsh had already known each other well from high school jam sessions. Citing Sonic Youth, the White Stripes, Nirvana, and the Black Keys, The Love Junkies are tried and true rockers.

SoulhatSoulhat – “She’s a Record Buyer”
Austin, Texas
Genre: rock

Soulhat has been around since 1990, garnering a cult-like following through the decade and ever since. The group dropped their debut record in 1993, which was re-released later that year after they signed a contract with Epic. A second LP would be released in 1994, with their third effort not hitting fan’s ears until 2000. Just this summer, the group has been leaking new tracks on their Bandcamp page one-by-one, building up hype among the fan base once again – “She’s a Record Buyer” being one of these tracks.

killing offKilling off Characters – “Over the Line”
Toronto, Canada
Genre: experimental

Killing off Characters started as a side project of beat maker David Stephan, better known as 1 Minute Miracles, but has since grown into much more. Stephan teamed up with friend Marty Foote, as well as Grammy-winning producer/mixer David Bottrill (Tool, Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Smashing Pumpkins) after getting into a bit of a rut with his solo work. Another member, James Bennett, recently joined the ranks, as the group continues to work on “expanding their minds and concepts of musical convention.”

big footBig Foot Wallace – Candle
Genre: indie, pop

Jon, as told by the artist’s website, is the sole man behind Big Foot Wallace, and if “Candle” is any indication, he doesn’t need anyone else’s help in making some great, catchy tunes. A slow growing, relaxing number, “Candle” mixes together a beautiful blend of drums, synths, guitars, vocals, and more into a trance-like indie track. Big Foot Wallace dropped their first album back in April, and have since had a number of shows around the Arizona area with a backing band to help out. Don’t miss out on this up-and-comer.

That’s it for this issue of Back of the Rack. As always, our biggest thanks to the bands who have allowed us to feature their music right here. Don’t forget to check out your favorites at an upcoming show, to follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and to purchase their albums if you like what you hear. We’ll be back next month with another batch of great new music – until then, stay cool!


About the artist:

Greg Frank is a professional Graphic Designer living in Nashville, TN. He graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2011. In addition to graphic design, Greg also partakes in mixed media painting, silkscreen, brewing his own beer, and boating. When asked what his favorite flavor of ice cream was, he answered “Bourbon on the rocks”. Well played, Greg.

For more of Greg’s work, visit his website:


Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor