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Julia Stone

Julia Stone’s “Let’s Forget All The Things That We Say”

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Australia has been a kind country with the world. They gave us huge beers, a vision of how humans and nature can coexist, the importance of environmentalist conservationism, AC/DC and one of the best folk duos in modern times: Angus & Julia Stone.

With six years of existence, the fraternal dup took Australian fraternal music to the other side of the spectrum. From the Young brothers hard rock to the folk side of the Stone’s, Angus and Julia meant another revival into the traditional ways of music (like Jake Bugg is doing in England along with Mumford & Sons and their revivalist bluegrass).

Stepping a little away from the purist ways of composing with his brother, Julia has released two solo albums. The second one being released barely a year ago, By The Horns plays with drum machines, 808’s and longing lyrics for a loved one, with a little bit of her early familiar sounds with Angus here and there.

Let’s Forget All The Things That We Say has an upbeat artificial drum tempo, immediately turned down by the sad voice imprinted by Julia. The story of a couple trapped together through winter and the romanticism of the moment are captured perfectly through 214 seconds of ear candy joy. Not recommended for recently broken winter hearts.

Fuck, is someone cutting an onion nearby?

Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

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Julia Stone’s “Lets Forget All The Things That We Say”