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Joshua Radin’s “Streetlight”

Song Of The Day

Song: “Streetlight”

Artist: Joshua Radin

Album: ‘The Rock and the Tide’

“Streetlight,” by Joshua Radin, off his newest album ‘The Rock and the Tide’ is today’s song of the day. Melodic piano opens this song, and its lyrics offer a glimmer of hope for those who are searching for a little something more from life. One might interpret the refrain: “So, let the wind blow us to wherever it says we are supposed to go” as a gentle nudge to “follow your bliss.” No matter how a listener interprets this song’s lyrics, one thing is certain, “Streetlight” showcases Radin’s soulful voice and the song highlights a nice juxtaposition of instruments layering drums and banjo on top of piano and acoustic guitar. Let this singer/songwriter’s beautiful crooning add a little light to your day.

Written By: Linda Turk