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Johnny Cash & June Carter’s “If I Were a Carpenter”

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Tim Hardin originally wrote “If I Were a Carpenter” for his album Tim Hardin 2, which came out in 1967. But you probably don’t know who that is, and neither does this author, but you probably have heard of Johnny Cash and June Carter.  Tim wrote a classic song, but it was Cash’s voice, style, and wife that will make it live on through the ages.

It’s a simple theme, celebrating love between a man and a woman that isn’t based upon any worldly possessions or accomplishments. The music comes off as simple, even though it’s really a nice thought out and layered alt country song, which greatly adds to it’s appeal. The magic is in the two voices though, of a true wife and husband who were deeply in love, that’s what makes this a classic. That love comes through in their voices, in some indescribable manner. But that was always the beauty of Cash, he could probably sing a Denny’s menu and it would be moving.

It’s also just a perfect Sunday song. Enjoy.

Johnny Cash & June Carter’s “If I Were a Carpenter”