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star wars theme

John Williams: Star Wars Theme

Song Of The Day

star wars theme

Artist: John Williams & The London Symphony Orchestra
Song: “Star Wars Theme”
Album: Star Wars IV: A New Hope Soundtrack

May the Fourth Be With You!

Based on the pun on the infamous phrase, “May the Force be with you,” May 4th more or less has become Star Wars day, celebrated by geeks everywhere. In honor of this, the song of the day is the epic titular theme to A New Hope and the series as a whole.

For a moment, step back and forget about the unsavory prequels. Forget about George Lucas revisionist atrocities and close your eyes. Listen to this amazing piece of orchestral work from the brilliant mind of composer John Williams. Think about how you felt the first time you heard this adventurous, epic and sweeping music. The thrill that it brought. The ship screams overhead, lasers blasting as the music grows more intense. It’s all tied to that wide-eyed feeling of a child immersed in a galaxy far far away.


This version of the familiar song is not just any version either. It’s not “remastered” *COUGH COUGH louder with less dynamics COUGH COUGH* or redone to match any extended or revised cuts from soundtracks. No, this is the real deal, ripped from the personal archives of the original soundtrack.  Today, let this track take you to a world of lightsabers, Jawas and infinite possiblities. May the Force be with you!

Written By:
Jarad Matula | Senior Writer