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John Butler Trio: “Ocean”

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Artist: John Butler Trio
Song: “Ocean”

The Australian roots-folk-rock band the John Butler Trio, led by guitarist and vocalist John Butler alongside Byron Luiters on bass and Nicky Bomba on drums, have developed into a successful and critically acclaimed band since its formation in 1998. With numerous studio and live albums, the John Butler Trio has gained a following across the world devoted to the band’s reggae-influenced rock.

“Ocean” is a guitar composition featuring only Butler, who makes use of his twelve-string guitar and creates a funky yet stunningly beautiful piece of instrumentation. The song evolves from a soft composition into a powerful, complex track, clocking in at about ten minutes. Check out the video of Butler performing “Ocean” at the 2009 Rothbury Music Festival in Michigan.

Written by Grace Beehler