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Joanna Newsome: “Baby Birch”

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Joanna Newsom is a singer/songwriter, pianist, and harpist from Nevada City California. Her lyrics are carefully crafted that create a mythical world and are simultaneously profound. Newsom undoubtedly writes from deep within her soul which makes her simply magnetic. She’s not widely known, but she does have a small, strong core fan base that is slowly gaining new members.

Newsom’s harp playing style is not what one would imagine a harp song to sound like (the majority of her songs include the harp as the lead instrument). Most picture an angelic type pattern with heavenly plucks and strums, but that is not how this artist works, and the difference is immediately noticed after a quick listen to her discography. Today’s song is from Newsom’s recent LP titled Have One On Me. “Baby Birch” is an emotionally charged song that starts out quiet and subtle but explodes with heavy percussion and feeling towards the end. Many of Newsom’s songs are like literature. There is always a deeper meaning behind each one, and that is just one reason why this song is so intriguing.

Written By:
Jami Joiner