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Jeremy Panda: Business of Forgetting

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Artist: Jeremy Panda
Song: “Business of Forgetting”
Album: Son Ame Feliz

Jeremy Panda has been writing, playing, and arranging albums for over ten years. At last count, his tally of finished products was in the dozens.

In 2012, Panda decided to construct his own project, from the ground up.

Calling Toronto home, Jeremy Panda feels indebted to the privilege the city gave him to work in such a wide variety of styles. Son Ame Feliz, the artist’s debut release, reflects the artist’s wishes to remain unrestricted by genre.

“I see this album as a clear reflection of my artistic passion. It’s my impression of the world, and my imprint on the world.”

If your a sucker for a crooning, nostalgic heartbreaker, check out the artist’s “Business of Forgetting,” (featuring some incredible visual work) below. If you prefer your music with a bit more of a biting rock edge, check out the complete album for a free download of the LP’s opener, “I am not a Dream.”

Written by:
Dean Goranites | Associate Editor

Jeremy Panda_Business of Forgetting (Music Video) from Jeremy Panda on Vimeo.