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Jefferson Airplane’s “Embryonic Journey”

Song Of The Day

One of their best songs, off of their best album, today’s song is Embryonic Journey from Jefferson Airplane. It is apart of their epically wonderful timepiece album, ‘Surrealistic Pillow’, which was released just in time for the summer of love – 1967. Some others form the album include Somebody to Love, and White Rabbit, two songs which will forever be positively associated with the summer of love, hippies, San Fransisco, the 60’s, LSD, and revolutionary music. You know, all that stuff.

But this song isn’t like those, but it is just as aesthetically pleasing, even if it is devoid of culturally expansive lyrics. It is a fantastic acoustic guitar number, that will enthrall players of the instruments, and subdue those who enjoy mellifluous mellow music.

Ah, yes, that is nice… Enjoy.