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jay reatard my shadow

Jay Reatard: My Shadow

Song Of The Day

jay reatard my shadowJay Reatard brought as much intensity in the studio as he did live. His short and spastic songs were a recipe for a good time, but they are also fused with so much emotion it could be exhausting (in a good way). He was one of the hardest working musicians in all of rock music, and it showed to anyone who has ever seen him live in concert. Having been active in his respective scene with a handful of bands, he never seemed to amaze his crowds who were always graced with an unpredictable performance from the young artist.

Like many musicians, he died before his full potential could be witnessed. “My Shadow”, a track off of perhaps his most popular album, is a fitting introduction to anyone who has heard of this American underground legend.

Written By:
Alex Giardini