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Jane’s Addiction @ The LC, Columbus


Jane’s Addiction has recently resurfaced back into the musical world, starting off their Theatre of the Escapists tour this February.  With their tour in full effect, 2012 has a lot in store for the band. Expect to see these guys making their run across the country touring everything from venues to festivals.  Recently noteworthy is the addition of Addiction to the Summer Camp Music Festival lineup, merging the jam-band scene with their alternative and genre-defying act complete with a cinematic live experience that is sure to blow some minds; a worthy mesh with the visual standards these festival stages tend to employ.

This past weekend, Jane’s performed to a full house at The LC Pavilion in downtown Columbus Ohio.  The band took the stage as Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine rang through over the PA.  Red stage lighting cast their daunting rays across the crowd as the song played on.  A sense of an impending storm seemed to be inevitable.  Perry waltzed out to the front and center of the stage as two vixen women descended from the rafters above on swings, sporting long white dresses that hung all the way down to the stage floor below as they danced and moved in the air in unison.  Underground was a heavy opener for the band as fans were immediately excited and sucked into their sound. No surface of the stage was left un-walked as Perry bounded back and forth across the floor, jumping up onto speakers and risers as he wailed into the microphone, all the while making enough time to take swig of wine from the bottle to quench his undoubted thirst.  The crowd was into it immediately.  It appeared the band had already sucked them into their vortex before the first sounds of their instruments rang out.

Jane’s Addiction’s Jane Says (live)

Diving into Mountain Song, Just Because, and Been Caught Stealing, the first chunk of set one was full of high energy.  Perry’s voice seemed to cast itself out to the back of the venue, straight through the speakers, and into the faces of the fans below with each drawn out cry.  An array of carnival-esque performances ensued as dancers moved in time to the screens running the (somewhat) explicit images used to enhance their overall atmosphere and vibe.  Two giant statues of naked women towered above drummer Perkins as he guided the pace of the songs to come with his precise rock rhythm.

The band was very interactive with the crowd, which in any case is sure to draw fans in even more so.  They took the time to thank Columbus for turning out, and expressed their own excitement for the event that night.  After more classic jams from the band’s repertoire of songs, they changed the pace when there was a brief stage set change, and the band took their seats at the front, Navarro switched his electric to an acoustic for a pretty significant rendition of Jane Says, acoustic style as Perkins switched back and forth from his usual kit to a steel drum. I Would For You, Irresistible Force, 3 Days, and Stop would follow bringing the end of the set to a rocking end.  There wasn’t a single dull moment at this show as the band relentlessly kept up the energy, even stoking it higher and higher the longer they played on.  Words Right Outta My Mouth and Ocean was the perfect cap off to the night as they eased the crowd to the shows end with that dynamic encore of perfectly paired songs.

By Alicyn Lane