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Jake Bugg’s “Broken”

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Some people believe 7 is the ultimate lucky number, a symbolic charm of wealth and safety. I’m not sure about that, but sometimes the lightning strikes in the right place.

Broken is Jake Bugg’s seventh single from his self-titled first album and it seems to be his most heartbreaking one. Ideal for a slow dance, a wedding anthem, a bucket full or ice-cream, a rainy day or a post-breakup depression session, Broken take more breath away and brings more bad memories than one could handle – sometimes.

With a simple start and a Lionel Riche-ish ending, it’s hard not to get a hold of it for future love-related references. Sentimentalism in songs is finally making a comeback through the painful longing wrapped by a 19 year old’s voice.

Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

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Jake Bugg’s “Broken”