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sixteen saltines

Jack White’s ‘Sixteen Saltines’

Song Of The Day

There is something that Jack White can never seem to get right: how to make his music career a joke.  The ex-White Stripes frontman has gone from strength to strength from his early beginnings in 1999.  Creating two successful side projects along the way with The Dead Weather and The Raconteurs, a solo career was well and truly craved, and well and truly loved.

Blunderbuss, one of the biggest releases of 2012, “Sixteen Saltines” became the second release of the album, with a more classic garage rock sound in comparison to the debut singles blues influence.  Atypical rock and roll sound easy to love by fans of all his three bands, Jack White’s album is an easy pleaser.  Not safe, nor boring, just keeping the flame of quality rock still burning.

It’s exciting to know that the rock and roll expert is going to keep on rocking, and with this anthem, the future is looking to be dominated by rock, and perhaps Jack White.  With music this good, there are no complaints.

By Sarah Keary

OurVinyl | Contributor