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freedom at 21

Jack White: Freedom At 21

Song Of The Day

freedom at 21Artist: Jack White

Song: “Freedom At 21”

Album: Blunderbuss

To celebrate the #1 album in the country status of Jack White’s debut solo album, today’s song is the single-worthy track “Freedom At 21.”

There’s a lot going on in this song musically and lyrically. The music has a strange groove¬† with strange time signatures and verse-chorus pattern atypical of your average rock song. Lyrically, it’s packed with vivid, at times gut-wrenching imagery where he comments on the double standards of 21st century women’s lib. One line in particular is comical, knowing Jack’s Luddite stance in general, “two black gadgets in her hand, that’s all she thinks about.”

The song and album are addicting, growing on you with each listen. If you haven’t already, check out our review of the album, listen to this track and you’ll start to understand what the fuss is about. This is the sound of man that’s still at the top of his game with plenty to say.

Written by:

Jarad Matula | Senior Writer