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Interview – The After Party


I had the chance to get in touch with The After Party who hail from Manhattan, Kansas. I was able to ask them about their experiences and a little about themselves as a band.
What are all of your names and what do you do in the band?Kenny

Greeley – vocals
Andy Bell – guitar
Brandon Stewart – bass
Alan Bell – drums

What was the reasoning behind naming your band The After Party?

We wanted something that was fun and easy to remember, and who doesn’t love after parties?

How would you guys sum up your experience as a band thus far?

It’s been amazing! We have met some really awesome people, and have had the opportunity to experience things that most people will never experience in their lives!

You guys are going to be touring with Rookie of the Year and School Boy Humor on The Most Beautiful Summer Tour. What are your expectations?

We expect to have the best summer of our lives, and to get a nice tan on the beach! This is the first time that we will be on the road for more than a month, so we will get to learn what life on the road is all about! We can’t wait to go out and meet every single one of our fans.

What are some short term and long term goals for The After Party?

Short term goals are to continue touring as much as possible, and to continue writing great new songs! Our long term goals are to hopefully get signed to a major label, have our album distributed internationally, and to make a comfortable living solely from making music!

How important is keeping in touch with your fans?

It’s very important! Without your fans you’re nobody. Sometimes we get behind, but we try our best to stay in touch with everyone!

Where do you guys usually write your music? Do you find it easier at home or out on the road?

A majority of our music is written when we are at home. We do work on ideas on the road, but we get distracted too easily when we’re traveling.

What would you say The After Party’s message is that you are trying to convey through your music?

We try to write fun, catchy music that everyone can relate to on one level or another, and allows all the ladies to shake their money makers all night long.


Final words?

To everyone who has ever listened to our music and supported us in any way, we love you! To everyone who has not, it’s about time you jumped on the band wagon to see what all the fuss is about.

Be sure to check out their Myspace and see if they are stopping at a city city near you on their summer tour with Rookie of the Year and School Boy Humor. A check out their music video for their song Come On, Come On below!