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Dear Christie

Interview – Dear Christie


Hey guys! I had an opportunity to do an interview with local band called Dear Christie from Columbus, OH. I was able to ask them about their future as a band, their goals and most importantly, their music.

First off, tell us all your names and what your role is in the band.

Adam Markin (AM) – I’m Adam and I sing.
Eric Markin (EM) – I’m Eric and I play drums.
Tommy Parrill (TP) – I’m Tommy and I play bass.
Aren Carman (AC) – I’m Aren and I play guitar.

How did you decide on Dear Christie to be the name of the band? Is there any significant meaning behind it?

AM – Eric and I had been toying around with names for the band for a few weeks. The name Dear Christie came to us one afternoon when we were writing a birthday card to our sister, Christie, who we are very close to.
AC – After that, Adam and Eric called me asked me I thought of the name, and I knew instantly that Dear Christie was perfect.

If you all were to sum up your experiences as a band thus far in one word, which word would you choose and why?


AM – Hilarious. We’re all insane and there is lots of mayhem when we all get together.
EM – Adventurous. I learn something new from my band mates every day. This band is a giant adventure!
TP – Surprising. When I first met Adam, Eric, and Aren, I never expected I would end up in a band with them.
AC – Crazy… it’s pretty self-explanatory.

For being together for a little amount of time, how successful would you say the band is right now? What are some goals you all have for the future?

AM – Dear Christie is still in the beginning stages, so it’s difficult to say how successful we are right now. Given that we are young and that we’ve only been a band a short while (roughly 5 months), I think we’ve done pretty well so far. As for the future, our biggest goal is to pursue music as a band full-time.

On your MySpace, it says you will be “tailing the 2010 Vans Warped Tour.” What will you be doing and how do you think it will help the band?

AC – We will be making new friends and promoting like crazy! Our goal this summer is to meet as many people as possible in order to expand our fan base.

Now onto the music. How would you guys describe your sound to someone who has never heard it before?

TP – Our sound is dope! It’s just all around fun, catchy, and creative music. Our goal is to maintain a pop/rock sound that is uniquely our own.

What’s your approach in writing your music? Do you tend to figure out the music or lyrics first?

AC – Typically, we write the chorus or intro to a song first, then build around what we’ve got. Sometimes lyrics come to us first and other times the music.

Most bands have a message that they are trying to convey to their listeners and fans. What would you say Dear Christie’s message is?

EM – Dear Christie Is really all about having fun. Our primary message is live life to the fullest and don’t forget to have a good time.

How did you guys get in touch with Nick Ingram in order to produce your new EP?

EM – I’ve known Nick for a few years and the quality of his work is excellent. When it came time to decide on a producer, we knew he was the right choice.

When and where can fans expect to see you touring in the future?

AM – Right now we are working on booking a series of Midwest and East coast dates.

Any final words?

TP – We would like to say thank you to our fans, family, and friends for all the support they have showed us thus far. Keep an eye on our MySpace for news about the release of our new EP.

I wanted to thank the guys of Dear Christie for taking the time to do that! Be sure to look out for them tagging along this summer on Warped Tour. Check out their music on Myspace.

Written by: Becca White