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Interpol’s “The New”

Song Of The Day

Artist: Interpol
Album: Turn on the Bright Lights
Song: The New

Indie-rock band Interpol from New York could kick a lot of new talent into touch. Their debut album, Turn on the Bright Lights, released in 2002, is still way ahead of many new rock albums in terms of musical talent. Let’s face it, nobody has a voice like Paul Banks’.

Kicking in with a killer bass line from Dengler, mellow and full of groove, the song showcases the beauty of some of the music that Interpol crafts. It’s full of cleverly written guitar melodies, including the unusual yet innovative tuning and un-tuning of a guitar to create a riff in the bridge of the song. Interpol have been making rock music for over a decade, but their early work like “The New” gave them an identity. This song and this album are worth a listen or two.

Written by:
Rhiannon Drew | OurVinyl Contributor