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Influential Documentary – Gracer

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I wanted to draw some attention to a video we stumbled across a few days ago.  It is a neat documentary that we found that features a band by the name of Gracer. The film and footage do a tremendous job capturing the artists’ personalities and musical creativity.  It  is incredible how many different backdrops and time was spent with the musicians.  The 10 minute documentary does an incredible job of telling the bands unique story.  As many of you know we are a pretty young start-up but this is much closer to what we would like to produce and experiment with moving forward.

When I saw the Gracer video, it opened my eyes to where we are with our production and where we need to go.  I had an acting teacher who once told me that acting is like a grappling hook: you have to physically pull yourself (and the audience) from one side to the other.  And that’s what I want to start doing with these videos — build a dynamic relationship between the material with compelling storytelling and the audience, but I need your guys’ input!  Don’t hesitate to criticize our material and let us know what you think!  It helps us get better.  After all, we are learning our way as we go.

I’d also like to note, though, that there is almost an intimacy between the videographer and the performers in that they had the flexibility of going to different locations and having different set ups.  A strong sense of storytelling intertwined with ethereal music clips keep the viewer pulled through and hungry for the information.  You don’t have the distractions of outside influences or too much exposition, just the artist and their music.

I hope you all enjoy it!

Walker Foley