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How To Destroy Angels’ ‘An Omen’ – EP Review

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It’s been two long years since the debut of Trent Reznor’s side project, How to Destroy Angels, and at long last fans have a new EP.  The band’s second release, “An Omen_EP”, was originally slated for release in 2011, but Reznor didn’t feel that it was up to slate, so he went back to the drawing board on the songs and took his time. The result? It was well worth it.

Joining Reznor in How to Destroy Angels is his wife, the former lead singer of West Indian Girl, Mariqueen Maandig, Rob Sheridan (who is also the group’s art director) and Reznor’s long time collaborator and partner in crime when it comes to Oscar winning and Oscar nominated movie scores (“The Social Network”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), Atticus Ross. The EP contains tracks that will be found on the band’s as yet untitled full length release which is slated to be due out sometime in early to mid 2013.

Differing from the first release, the tracks on this album are a bit more of a departure from Reznor’s signature Nine Inch Nails-style, which in turn shows off more of a range of musical ability from all of the band members, but especially Maandig. The lead single off of the six song EP is “Keep it Together”, a haunting blend of electronic noise, guitars, hauntingly soft vocals from Maandig, which are the Yin to Reznor’s trademark voice, which does show a lot more melody and singing than in previous NIN releases.

Maandig’s voice is quite exquisite, and this is showcased beautifully on the extremely stripped down track, “Ice Age”.  The song has just a little bit of the electronic present in the background, but at the front and showcase are the plucking strings and the wispy voice of Maandig, which is a direct opposite of vocals that Reznor is known for.

This EP marks a few changes, being that after self releasing albums Reznor has returned to a label, and the only physical release of the album is a 12” vinyl, no CD copies will be printed of this release, but digital downloads are available.  For more details on the new EP and to keep tabs on the forthcoming full length album, log on to

Written by Christina Lawler

OurVinyl | Contributor