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Holiday Parade’s “Off Your Shoulders”

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Song: Off Your Shoulders

Artist:Holiday Parade

Album: False Alarms (2011)
Holiday Parade is an underground alternative rock band that has put several releases over the years. Most recently they released an EP called, False Alarms this past month recorded by Matt Malpass (Lydia and Copeland) with the drummer from Cartel offering session work. Taking a sound that mixes Jack’s Mannequin, Third Eye Blind, and Matchbox 20 style pop/alternative influences. Unfortunately, Holiday Parade has not gotten their break despite playing Bamboozle and having a front man that can sing with the best of them and write a heck of hook. While their sound is not re-inventing the wheel, they pull of their sound incredibly well. If you are a sucker for a hook or just want some fun tunes, check out this band and buy their records. They really deserve a big break.