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Hole’s ‘Doll Parts’

Song Of The Day

Celebrating her 48th birthday on the 9th of July, Courtney Love’s influential music was remembered, and her band Hole’s most iconic album, Live Through This was on replay. More importantly, “Doll Parts” was on replay. Welcome aboard the Grunge train, be warned, you may never want to get off.

Released in 1994, Love poured emotion we never had seen before. Played on radio stations repeatedly shortly after the death of her husband, Nirvana front-man, Kurt Cobain, the music and lyrics began to seem all a little too eerie. We all saw a vulnerability about this hardcore feminist, who then leaded the Riot Grrrl movement originally created by Bikini Kill. The tough girl on the rock scene her own band, she inspired many musicians including Spinerette’s and The Distillers’ leading lady, Brody Dalle, another superior rock chick. So it came as a surprise when the curtains were opened in Doll Parts, where we discovered who Love really was on the inside: a young, conscious, scared little girl.

She proved her emotions and soft side exist, with some fragility to her, hence the term Doll Parts. This is an essential noise rock/grunge song needed on your playlist. The 90’s never sounded so good. Enjoy.

Written be Sarah Keary

OurVinyl | Contributor