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heartless bastards into the open

Heartless Bastards'”Into the Open”

Song Of The Day

the heartless bastards into the open“I’ve got winds in my veins, and it’s driving me home.” Now that’s a great lyrical line. Today’s song is “Into the Open” from the Heartless Bastards. It is the opening song off of their second LP All This Time. This song really shows off a couple of the traits that make the bastards such a great rock band. One, is Erica’s beautifully howling vocals, that are equal parts blues, rock, and pure passion. Two, you get to hear the band move through a few different emotional stances within the song. Their movement between them is flawless. It’s starts in a brooding but restrained manner, only to move into blues rock, to finalize with some hard rock gusto. For this reason their songs, and “Into the Open” is certainly no exception, do not get old quickly. You actually just seem to notice more things you appreciate about the music.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy.

Heartless Bastard’s “Into The Open”