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Ha Ha Tonka – Novel Sounds Of The Nouveau South

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Following the success of “Buckle In The Bible Belt”, Southern Missouri rockers Ha Ha Tonka recently released their sophomore follow up titled “Novel Sounds of the Nouveau South”.  Keeping their southern gospel harmonies and dropping stagnant power chords for memorable licks, Ha Ha Tonka successfully evolved their previous poppy melodies into a mature sound that sits with any adult contemporary audience.

This album builds all the way through. It’s not so much a collection of songs as it is a journey to the top. “Pendergast Machine” sets the stage with it’s haunting introduction to the album. Instead of using loud distorted guitars to drive the song, Ha Ha Tonka build thier tunes around a collection of small sounds. “The Outpouring” is the first song on the record that feels like it could be radio friendly. The album quickly resets during the song when it drops to an acoustic rendition of “What Shepherds of These Hills”.  From there, the album contines to pick up to the most memorable track, “Close Every Valve to Your Bleeding Heart”.  Following this song are tunes that are more friendly with the followers of the first album.

All around this album is a must for any indie music lover’s collection. Check out the song “Walking on the Devils Back Bone Below” and let us know your thoughts and opinions. They may be another neat band to interview in the near future.

Patrick Kennedy