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Guano Padano 2

Guano Padano’s ‘2’ – Album Review

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Guano Padano, an Italian based trio led by guitarist/multi-string instrumentalist Alessandro Stefana along with Danilo Gallo on bass and piano/organ and Zeno De Rossi on drums have brought their unique blend of sound to the American shores. The band’s new release, aptly titled, “2”, is the follow up to their debut self titled 2009 release that was only guano padano 2available in their native Italy and in America as an overseas import.

The sound of the album is hard to describe, not in a bad way, but because it simply goes around the world and back again with multiple layers and musical influences. The album is reminiscent of an epic film score, but this particular film covers every single genre known to man and manages to blend them all together, sometimes even within one track. Combinations of jazz, bluegrass, surf rock, country, folk, rock and even traditional Japanese music, which can be heard on the track, “Miss Chan”.

“Miss Chan” is a track that explains it all for the band’s intriguing style of music. The track starts with the cinematic elements and traditional Japanese music before turning a wild corner into a surf rock track that is almost tinged with something that reminds the listener of an essence that seems straight out of a Taratino film and inspiration from Dick Dale.

Guano Padano’sMiss Chan

In keeping with the cinematic flair on the album tracks like “One Man Bank” also use a blend of multiple instruments to produce the unique sound of the band’s music. Mixing it up with guitars, banjolin, lap steel guitar and a double bass, and creates an instant mood that makes you think it could come straight out of a Sergio Leone Spaghetti Western movie.

Guano Padano’s One Man Bank

Guano Padano 2As a whole the album is an entirely instrumental piece, with the exception of one track, “Prairie Fire” which features the vocals of Ipecac Recording founder and musical pioneer, Mike Patton, which is a sultry and jazzy track that seems like it could be straight out of a David Lynch film.

Guano Padano is an incredibly multi-faceted band to say the least.  And within that multi-faceted band, the album “2” as a whole is a sound like no other.  From track to track, each one changes genres and still remains true to the fact that the band are accomplished musicians and makes this a go to album in anyone’s collection.

To check out more on the band, and if you can read Italian fluently log on to the band’s website at  or you can also log on to for more details on how to pick up a copy of the album.

Written by Christina Lawler

OurVinyl | Contributor

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