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Grizzly Bear’s “Gun-Shy”

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Released earlier this week, Grizzly Bear’s new single Gun-Shy comes along with a disturbing yet mesmerizing video, full of gifs and science.

The band explains that the purpose of the visuals for Gun-Shy come from the doubt concerning creativity, where does creativity come from? They try to imply that it could scientifically come from their hair, nails, skin, sweat, tears and blood during the first part of the video. During the second half, it is taken to a metaphysical origin. Creativity could come from environment, electricity and nature itself.

No matter its birth, the talent and creativity displayed so far by Grizzly Bear during four albums could keep them alive and evolving into unexpected levels of songwriting and music crafting. Gun-Shy sounds like something taken out of the experimental heaven during the late sixties and that had been kept secret for decades. The vocals and instrumentation take oneself far away into a world were feelings are palpable and at hand.

Their latest effort, Shields, has already spawned three singles and has taken them out on the road one more time. If their live show is just half as good as their albums, you are all in for a treat.

Written by:

Jorge A. López Mendicuti | Senior Writer