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Griffin House’s “River City Lights”

Song Of The Day

Song: “River City Lights”

Artist: Griffin House

Album: ‘The Learner’

Today’s Song of the Day is “River City Lights” by Springfield, Ohio native, Griffin House. The song is featured on House’s 2010 LP, ‘The Learner.’ The album was recorded primarily at Sound Emporium studios in Nashville and continues House’s collaboration with the producer team of Justin Loucks and Ian Fitchuk (both of which he worked with on his 2004 LP ‘Lost and Found’).

“River City Lights” offers a bittersweet perspective of love and loss. Providing vocal harmonies on the song is Alison Krauss. The song, however, was a late addition to the album. The recording of ‘The Learner’ was moving quickly and House had run out of songs. Originally he shied away from the song, but his band talked him into it, and they recorded. In the end, House was happy to have done so and have Krauss guest on vocals.

Although now a resident of Nashville, House is currently touring his home state playing several acoustic shows in Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland during the first week of April. While the LP version of “River City Lights” contains full instrumentation, this version offers an acoustic glimpse of the song as he might play on his “Just a guy and his guitar” tour through Ohio. Listen, enjoy, and support the talented Griffin House.

Written By: Linda Turk