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Greensky Bluegrass: Nearly 2,000 shows and Eleven Years Later…

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Greensky Bluegrass: Nearly 2,000 shows and Eleven Years Later…

Nearly 2,000 shows, and eleven years later, Greensky Bluegrass has all four wheels on the road to everything they deserve and more. This band has relentless dedication to what it is they do as they have continued to perform at a myriad of festivals and rock clubs across the country. Often times one will find that Greensky shows involve a heavy roundhouse kick of musical ingenuity to your soul. Each pick and strum of this dynamic quintet’s instruments will send a reverberation from their heart strings, as well as musical strings, to yours; drawing you in deeper and further into their unique sound. They are no ordinary bluegrass band folks. They are Greensky Bluegrass.

This particular tale of musical adventure begins with release of their new album “Handguns”. In the weeks preceding its issue, Greensky offered a gift to their fan base revealing the free download of the EP on their website.  Tracks included Don’t Lie, Handguns, Cold Feet, I’d Probably Kill You, and All Four. Offering this to the community for free sent a shockwave of excitement through the bluegrass genre, and in turn did well getting the word out that something incredible was happening in Camp Greensky. This past summer was a busy one for the guys, who hit up all the big festivals, aweing crowds and turning them on to their tunes one by one. By the time “Handguns” hit, the excitement was so high it was nearly palpable.

Greensky Bluegrass @ WNMC December, 2010 by eric-hines

Only a few weeks lay between their local show at Woodlands Tavern in Grandview Ohio and the “Handguns” emergence. The night of Greensky, it’s safe to say the place was filled to the brim with anxious fans and good vibes. The band emerged on stage and wasted no time diving into a set complete with winding twists and turns at each bend. Including new songs off the “Handguns” album, and even a Michael Jackson cover, Greensky brought the house down. There was hardly a moment’s pause coming from the hardworking crew who fell in and out of long, elegant jams and improvisations, taking Woodlands on a journey through their archived epic potential of songs. By the end of the night, it was clear that both Greensky and the crowd had for a few hours been on the same wavelength. The crowd was feeling their energy so much that Greensky continued to play until the bar closed. It’s not often Woodlands allows bands to continue past the enforced allotment of time. Clearly Greensky was an exception.

This band seems to absorb all types of genres like soul, country, bluegrass and blues and churn out a diverse noise that is sure to please the ears of any type of music fan. Composed of Dave Bruzza on guitar, Paul Hoffman on the mandolin, Mike Devol on upright bass, Anders Beck on the dobro, and Mike Bont on banjo these guys will sweep you away with lyrics that go straight to your soul, and a complex sound that will immerse your ears splendid auditory fantastic-ness. This is what makes Greensky so conducive to the festival community, as they effortlessly please both bluegrass and jamband scenes. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any music lover that attends a Greensky show and comes out of it with no resonance in their heart.

It appears all their years of hard work and dedication have paid off.  Greensky Bluegrass is continuing to excel and progress forward, and is in every way deserving of the support and love flowing back to them. Greensky has invested years of determination into the diaspora of their musical idea, and in doing so has rightfully earned them their seat as one of the next big things to come from the contemporary bluegrass world. But their sound is unlike any other. Greensky has successfully “undefined” themselves, and is shattering all your expectations. You will be pleasantly, unexpectedly, surprised at any given moment, and that’s what makes live music immersion so exciting. Greensky Bluegrass will not disappoint. They will only progress on the road to sound musical mastery.

By Alicyn Lane