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Greensky Bluegrass’ Free EP & Fall Tour

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There’s a lot happening in the world of bluegrass these days. One thing being the band Greensky Bluegrass, a dynamic group of swift pickin’ players that have been gaining speed as they fly down the grass-highway to success. Packing in plenty of festivals and shows along the way, the band has been progressively spinning up a storm of originality and leaving all expectations in the dust. Greensky’s sound will shatter all of what your ears anticipate to hear with every pick and slide, breaking them free from the common compositional standards of the genre… and they’re doing it with the force of a sledgehammer. This collection of string players is a wrecking crew that will knock the air out of you with surprise and excitement, as they are a reminder of the endless possibilities this genre has to offer.

Don’t be mistaken, this band is not lacking in any of the traditional bluegrass elements we all know and love. Members Michael, Dave, Paul, Anders, and Mike add a little kick to the scene with the addition of the dobro to the mandolin, guitar, bass and banjo. A multifaceted group, Greensky is swerving across all lanes into the hearts of fans in the bluegrass, country, rock, and jamband scenes. Maintaining the comfortable sounds of bluegrass and the familiarity of country, with a flare of rock and jam, Greensky has molded their music into something truly unique. A blend of flavors that everyone can appreciate. Festivals appear to be going well for this group as they rocked the stages of this year’s summer season, jam-packing in a commendable amount of shows in between.

Didn’t get the chance to see them? Or just now hearing about them? Well you are in luck! Recently there has been a lot going on in “Camp Greensky” with the announcement of their Fall Tour dates as well as the release of their new upcoming album “Handguns”.  Even better, the band has made available their “Handguns EP”, offering it to you as a free download at their website

To see Greensky Bluegrass’ fall tour, just click here. Don’t miss the chance to see these guys, it’ll be a sure fired way to a good ol’ bluegrass kind of night.

Written by Alicyn Lane