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gotye state of the art

Gotye: State of the Art

Song Of The Day

Artist: Gotye
Song: “State of the Art”
Album: Making Mirrors

The song starts off like a spooky spy theme from the 60’s, with a deep, bassy woodwind playing the melody, a piano sets up the harmonic atmosphere and auxiliary percussion like a shaker and toms get a smooth rhythm going.

Gotye’s vocals are warped and distorted, much lower and more synthetic than this actual voice, modular and slow. The song plays out like a musical narrative with the sounds supporting the story. Strings crescendo for dramatic effect and vocal samples from a 1950s TV ad interject, “hold the phone, its so state of the art”. The lyrics talk about a Cotillion synthesizer, detailing the features before proclaiming “these amazing simulations end up sounding even better than the real thing”.

Gotye, who is best known for his recent collaboration with Kimbra on “Somebody That I Used To Know”, proves himself on his Making Mirrors album. Beyond the single, the album features plenty of diverse and awesome tracks, many of which have really creative and fantastic videos to accompany them.

Written by:
Meghan Bender | Senior Writer