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Good Old War & Kodaline @ Nashville – Concert Review


For a Sunday night, Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsley is buzzing. The venue is filled with everyone from college students who should probably be studying to people who are definitely old enough to be their parents.

_MG_5169Nashville’s local independent radio station Lightning 100 has been broadcasting live from 3rd and Lindsley with their Nashville Sunday Night since 1996. Tonight they’re hosting indie folk duo Good Old War, and Dublin-native rock band Kodaline.

Good Old War vocalist Keith Goodwin throws his arms up as he walks out on the stage with guitar player Dan Schwartz, warranting a cheer from the crowd. The enthusiasm they show in their entrance continues into their performance.

The beautifully simplistic acoustic set highlights the essence of their songs, head-bobbing harmonies featuring intricate guitar. Goodwin has his eyes closed for the majority of the songs focused exclusively on his music and goofy dance moves. He sings with his whole body, and it extends to the crowd.

Next to him is Schwartz, wearing a Hawaiian shirt and black sneakers. He hasn’t stopped smiling the whole time. His talent and passion as a guitarist is obvious in this acoustic set.

_MG_5158“I can’t believe you guys lasted that whole song,” Goodman says in reference to clapping he started at the beginning. An immature albeit funny audience member seizes the opportunity: “That’s what she said!” Goodman laughs at the remark.

Their music radiates joy and positive energy, enchanting the audience. The relaxed atmosphere creates a pressure-free environment, allowing everyone to just enjoy the show.

Next up is Kodaline, and they certainly draw a younger audience. Some younger female fans are pushed up against the front barrier, one but it’s not all fan-girls.

“They’ve been waiting two years see them,” says a girl next to me in reference to her parents. “The last two shows got cancelled, so they’re really pumped to be here. Those are my parent.” She gestures to a middle age woman dancing next to a man the same age, who is obviously giddy to be there.

_MG_5145Kodaline gives off a little bit of Mumford and Sons vibe with a rock filter. They easily get the audience dancing, and maintaining and charging the positive vibe that Good Old War leads with.

The crowd walks out of Nashville Sunday Night more than satisfied, instilled with the energy of Good Old War and Kodaline’s performance to help them last the rest of the week.

Written by Ellie Hart 

Photos by Sami Wideberg

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