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Gold Motel: Brand New Kind of Blue

Song Of The Day

Artist: Gold Motel
Song: “Brand New Kind of Blue”
Album: Gold Motel

California transplants via Chicago Greta Morgan and company, known as Gold Motel, have just released their eponymously titled sophomore effort on Good As Gold Records and it’s brimming with more sunny goodness than Brian Wilson’s sunglasses could ever handle. This band oozes retro style while also carving their own unique niche in a sometimes-crowded sea of similar contemporaries.

Luckily there is no risk of the term “slump” applying to this album. Gold Motel have improved their existing beach sound, which combines sometimes dark lyrics with radio ready hooks and melodies all while being able to dance around the bonfire, by foraying into more of a structured sound therefore adding depth and texture.

The track “Brand New Kind Of Blue” delves somewhat into social commentary territory reflecting perhaps on our current state of overexposure with lyrics like, “The ache of a decade/A cure is overdue/For this brand new kind of blue.” Yet coupled with the octave vocal harmonies and a driving guitar rhythm section, the music momentarily masks the subject matter and things are more fun.

Gold Motel is on tour through mid-August.

Written by:
Bryan Fauth | Our Vinyl Contributor