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Garet Camella – Fate From A Fortune Cookie (EP)

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After high school graduation, most teens tend to have an abundance of thoughts floating through their head.  They face long internal battles over questions of what they might want to major in, how it’s going to feel to be away from home or if they are even considering going to college.  Breaking away from this stereotypical mold, 18-year-old Garet Camella had other things going across his mind.  Of course he was concerned with getting to college, but he also had the release of his debut EP, Fate From A Fortune Cookie, to worry about.

Now you may be wondering: why is it called Fate From A Fortune Cookie? Well you see, Garet was about to give up on his aspirations of pursuing a career with his music. He went out to eat with friends at a Chinese restaurant around the same time and broke open a fortune cookie. It read: “You will travel far and wide for both pleasure and business.” So why not name his EP after the thing that got him motivated again?

This newcomer’s five song EP completely showcases his personality and character. The tracks like “Waiting For The Splash” and “Give It Time” are finger-tapping tunes with infectious rhythms that lodge themselves in your memory. Honestly, I know having that one song stuck in your head for hours is annoying. If it’s one of these songs though, it happens to be slightly more…bearable.  Scatting fills in lyrical breaks and helps create a blithe feeling. The quick and light guitar mixes with the drums to make the songs very enjoyable and bring out the side of me that dances in the car. Trust me when I say that is not a side that comes out of me very often.

Not every song on the EP is all happy-go-lucky though. The song “I Would Like To Stay” follows “Give It Time” in the track listing and offers an abrupt change of mood. The dulcet and austere resonance along with the hopeful lyrics make it a song I like to listen to when I’m relaxing at home, getting ready to go to sleep, or if I’m just in a chill mood. It’s the only song on the EP with this sort of feel, so it’s a good change of pace from the upbeat fast tempos.

The remaining songs on the EP fall back into the jaunty harmonies that are a staple of Camella’s sound. “You’ve Gotta Slow Down” is a song all about taking time to slow down and living your life before it passes you by. It’s a song that I was really able to relate to personally so I might say it’s my favorite on the whole disk. “Beautiful Day” starts out with the soft shaker and gradually progresses, adding in guitars. Its memorable hook will keep playing over and over in your brain, making sure you never forget it. I tend to find myself singing it without realizing it when I’m outside with the sun shining down on my cheeks.

All in all, I believe that Camella’s release is only a sign of good things to come. He is just a beginner in the industry and he only has room to grow with his obvious talent. If you haven’t yet, check out his myspace and his facebook fan page.

Written By:
Becca White