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Garbage’s LP ‘Not Your Kind of People’

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garbage not your kind of peopleThe long awaited return of the Madison, Wisconsin based band, Garbage has finally arrived. After a six year hiatus the band is back with their fifth studio album, “Not Your Kind of People”, which is being released on the band’s own independent label, Stunvolume.

Once upon a time Garbage’s music was likened to, and lumped in with, the grunge music of the late 90’s. On the latest release, the band has matured and while there are still elements of that old grunge-type sound, there is also an eclectic blend of electronica, synthesizers, pop music, noisy, fuzzy, distorted guitars, and everything in between that has made Garbage’s sound distinctive and stand the test of time.

Lead singer, Shirley Manson’s vocals are still as powerful as ever, ranging from a soft, seductive whisper, to a full range of power runs and eclectic melodies.  The album opens with a powerful track, “Automatic Systematic Habit”, which catches the attention, grabs the listener by the shirt and immediately tells them that simply, Garbage is back, and with a vengeance.  A blend of electronica, pop, and an almost new wave vibe, the song is amazingly catchy and sure to stay on the mind for days on end.

Garbage’s Blood for Poppies

The album’s lead single, “Blood for Poppies”, has all of the elements that remind listeners why the fell in love with the band from their first album, but also shows that the band isn’t still churning out the same type of music, they have evolved and matured.  The catchy hook and almost cinematic score-like elements of the song captivate from the very beginning of the track and flow effortlessly through the whole song.

garbage not your kind of peopleThe second single from the album, “Big Bright World”, begins with a low catchy electronic melody, framed by Manson’s impeccable vocals before erupting into a full force epic turn the stereo up as loud as it will go type of song.  The mixture of real drums in combination with the electronic beats, distorted guitars blending with synthesizers, it’s a track that is sure to be a big hit for the band.

Other standout tracks on the album include “Control”, “Battle in Me” and “I Hate Love”, and as a whole, the album is an amazing effort that shows that if a band is truly good and solid, it doesn’t matter how many years pass between albums.  When you combine talented musicians like Shirley Manson, Duke Erikson, Steve Marker, and Butch Vig, the end result will always be a solid effort.  In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Vig said of the “People” album he “wanted to make something that we (the band) want to hear when we’re driving the car”.  And that is exactly what the band achieved with this record, a strong, catchy, album that will have listeners cranking the volume in their cars with the windows down all summer long.

Garbage is also touring heavily in support of “Not Your Kind of People”, on the road overseas in June and July before returning for a few dates in the United States later in the summer.  For more details on the band, their tour, news, music, videos, where to buy merchandise or to purchase the new album, log on to their website at

Written By Christina Lawler
OurVinyl | Contributor