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G-Easy’s “Marilyn” (ft. Dominique LeJeune)

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New Orleans MC G-Eazy has been fighting his way through the industry for sometime now, and it’s nice to see that the quality of his music is finally starting to show through and propel his career. The rapper/producer has been building a notoriety amongst a handful of blog sites for sometime now, but it finally seems as if he has become impossible to ignore.

His newest single, titled “Marilyn”, featuring remarkable vocals from fellow New Orleans artist Dominique LeJeune, is the slap-you-in-the-face awesome-ness than G has been pushing towards for sometime, with his top of the line self-production leading the way as he floats his lyrics between the truly beautiful hook performance by LeJeune. Keep it up G.

by Andrew Judson Heindel

G-Eazy’s (ft Dominique LeJeune) Marilyn