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Fucked Up

Fucked Up’s “The Other Side”

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Noise, lovely noise bless the day opera, hardcore and punk got drunk and had a threesome. The next day a seed was already planted and that seed gave life to one of music’s strangest, loudest and most unexpected albums ever made. I’m talking about Fucked Up’s opera David Comes To Life.

Regarded as a love story set during the late 70’s and early 80’s in England between David, a light bulb factory worker, and Veronica, an activist, this monsters of an album could end up as one of the highlights in this decade. Full of rawness, balls, deep lyrics and surprisingly appealing tracks for such a mixture of genres, its four acts about love, fight and death are a must-have in any music library.

One of the songs the first act, The Other Shoe, sounds like an updated angry version of Us & Them by Pink Floyd. Comparing parallel options and ways things and life could have gone for many, the track talks about losing the sense of direction, existence, imminent doom and a mandatory option that has to be taken no matter what.

Although the lyrics state dying on the inside, there’s a sense of hope in the way they are roared, not sang.

Written by Jorge A. López Mendicuti

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Fucked Up’s “The Other Side”