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Save the Clocktower Carousel Cover

Friday Free Release: Save The Clocktower

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Happy Friday everyone! On this joyous day we like to highlight a free release that has been put out for your costless enjoyment. While there is always music out there that is released for free, there is always that all-too-human way of thinking; “If this is free, how good can it really be?” Well, we have done the vetting for you, and this is a free download worth having, Save The Clocktower‘s “Carousel” (FYI – these guys were also featured on the October edition of Back of the Rack).

Save The Clocktower, and ‘Carousel’, are interesting for a couple reasons. One, they seemingly jump around between genres and sonic-philosophies from song to song in a substantial manner. To clarify with simplicity – there is no manner in which one could easily classify their music. Indie electro pop-rock, or neo chill-wave, are descriptions that could be applied to their sound – but then again the vagueness of those definitions is self-evident. However, upon repeated listening, the sporadic song-to-song movements on the music genre spectrum becomes less and less noticeable. Part of that may lie in the fact that the traditional genre lines of contemporary music are continually blurred nowadays, that it isn’t distinctive to the modern listener for musicians to jump those lines. But also, it is because Save The Clocktower decides to be consistent in other aspects of their music so as to allow the songs to definitely relate to each other, and to allow for the album to flow in a cohesive manner for the listener.

The energy level for their songs seem to relatively remain about the same, in the long run. They don’t let the vigor of any song (or the BPMs for that matter) rise to, and then remain in, an overtly celebratory mood – nor do they ever let the bottom drop out and present anything decidedly sluggish or sedated. When the beats are a little more frisky, they offer a sonic balance in the form of voice-effects or periphery sonics that add that dash of “chill”.  And when they reign in the cadence of a song, a strong backbone or vocal vitality usually offers us balance.

To download this album FOR FREE just head over to Save The Clocktower’s bandcamp page and click download! Not convinced yet? Then listen to the album below, in it’s entirety if you should so desire….