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Friday Free Release – Fevers’ “Passion Is Dead” EP

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It’s time for another Friday Free Release article. This occurs when we find an EP or LP that has generously been released at no price to the public. And no, this isn’t just some torrent link, we only do this when a band has put their time and effort into an album, came away with a successful creation, and yet still releases it freely. Artists must really love and trust in their work to do that, and we should recognize and celebrate that.

In this Friday Free Release we take a look at the Fevers and their EP ‘Passion Is Dead’. You might remember this group from last February’s edition of Back of the Rack, where the title track from this EP was included in that month’s compilation. Fevers is a five piece group from Ottawa, Canada. They play a brand of electro rock that usually moves at a pleasantly brisk pace, but not always. There is a male and female vocalist, but more than not the female vocals are central. This helps balance the feel of their sound with their often busy & bass-laden beats. There are undertones of progressive house, trance and techno, but you can hear that the synths & drums are played with real fingers and feet. Fevers fall into the enjoyable musical ground of successfully sounding like something between a DJ and a like indie rock band.

The title track, Passion Is Dead, is a swaggering and soaring song that is aimed at getting feet moving and people’s hands in the air. It’s clear why it is the title track and undoubtedly their encore song (although this isn’t confirmed for sure). But it deserves that place, as it’s able to achieve a near constant crescendo-level of energy. End of Love Song is a more nuanced song, with good use of an at-times frantic beat, with acoustic strings, effected vocals, with the energy ebbing and flowing throughout the track. The Rapture is a toe-tapping, fun loving, synth laden dancer of a song. It’s a song of merriment, one you can happily sing along to. Sort It Out is a slow building song that begins with an almost acoustic classic-rock feels, but weaves and builds into a soaring and uplifting psychedelic electro-jam, with sounds running wild in the periphery.

There is a great variety within this 7 song release. If you are fond of any bands that play an electronic (or even electronic’ish) type of rock, then you can’t shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to add this to your album collection. And, really, it’s a free album that has been vetted, so you should check it out no matter what!

To download Fever’s ‘Passion Is Dead’ just click here.

By Sean Brna

OurVinyl | Editor