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Friday Free Release: Auto-Pilots’ “The Atlantic Machine”

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For this edition of Friday Free Release we take a look at the Auto-Pilot’s album The Atlantic Machine. This is an album that came out for free, for purchase, or for donate whatever you want for the album. The consumer really has their choices. It was released on May 1st of this year. If you had to pick one word to describe this album it might have to be psychedelic. But using one word to describe this band would be ridiculous, who suggested that anyway?

Auto Pilot’s Stop The Clock

They are clearly out to create a mood, something psychedelic, yes – but that’s just a philosophical undertone. The songs are long, they take their time creating the emotional setting, they want you to really end up sitting in the sonic world they have created. The thing is though, while the album flows in a cohesive manner, it flows like the Mississippi near New Orleans – that is to say, it really zig zags all over the place. “Stop The Clock” has a dark, electro, club-jam feel to it that will have you spaced out while tapping your feet at the same time. The song “The Atlantic Machine” is a rock-centric, esoteric-but-danceable, enjoyable trip. “Do Not Resuscitate” features a rapper, who lays down a respectable flow, over a brooding and threateningly engaging instrumental track. “Project 89” comes off as some a dream-like, funky, jam that slowly builds momentum into something congenial to the ears.

Auto-Pilot’s The Atlantic Machine

To download their songs for free from soundcloud simply click here. To purchase it with a price of your choosing click here. To straight up buy it in iTunes click here.

There is something in this album for everyone! Just give it a chance in it’s entirity. Let us know what you think…

by Sean Brna

OurVinyl | Editor