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Free Release Friday: The Darcys

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Happy Friday everyone! On this day we like to highlight a free release that a talented artist(s) put out for your costless enjoyment. While there is always music out there that people put out for free, there is always that all-too-human way of thinking; “If this is free, how good can it really be?” Well, we have done the vetting for you, and this is a download worth having, especially if you enjoy mellow quasi-psychedelic pop/rock. It’s the self titled release from The Darcys.

The Darcys play a style of music, that regardless of tempo, comes off as reflectively unhurried. It’s definitely music for a certain mood, as the songs contain a calm and more subdued feeling to them overall. But that’s not to say they don’t ever let their guitars wail, or the drums to get going, they just do so without losing their overall emotive agenda. It’s dramatic but unpretentious, slow building but not without pace, quasi psychedelic rock – but usually with non-psychedelic styled vocals.

At their best they sound something akin to older Radiohead material. Shaking down the old bones has a walking drum line, with natural but simple psychedelic vocals & guitar that really work with each other well. In The Mountains Make Way we find ourselves with a quick drum line, but a smooth and rich texture is put over it. It’s mellow, undemanding pop psych rock, with an indie twist.

Listen to the album below… and to get your own FREE download just visit the Darcys website and you can trade your email for the entire LP!

The Darcys – The Darcys by Arts & Crafts