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Free Release Friday: Ruby Coast

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Happy Friday everyone! On this day we like to highlight a free release that a talented artist(s) put out for your costless enjoyment. While there is always music out there that people put out for free, there is always that all-too-human way of thinking; “If this is free, how good can it really be?” Well, we have done the vetting for you, and this is a free download worth having, Ruby Coast’s “Whatever This Is”.

For fans of indie rock that isn’t categorically lo-fi, but has taken from that sound in the sense that the music isn’t pretentious and overproduced, then this is a band you may enjoy. The band is from Toronto, but at times, can’t seem to help coming off like they call somewhere in the British Isles home. The album often sounds like it’s recorded in live takes, suggesting to your ears an in-the-room feeling. They infuse their sound with a unruffled youthfulness, or maybe it’s a un-self-conscious ruffled sound, one can’t be too sure.The lyrics come through clear, but their meaning doesn’t. The guitars are effortless and reemphasize the emotive tone of the song, only rarely deciding to lead, which adds a certain collective feeling to the album. They take on different tempos and emotions, while also never straying too far from their indie rock style sound.

Made to Change has a side-stepping, light guitar reverbed, jovial simpleness that is quite catchy. Dr. Acula is just straight good indie pop rock fun. I Live with Monsters has a intriguingly modern, gritty edge to it, but one that is still combined with an amiable tone.

But words can only convey so much, so listen to the album below for yourself below. Then head over to Ruby Coast’s website to get your free download.